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July 23, 2014
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Welcome to Idaho Book & School Supply, one of the leading suppliers of educational materials in the west. We offer complete lines of educational products from leading suppliers around the country. We provide educational supplies including math, science, social studies,language arts and lesson plans as well as teacher resources,home schooling supplies, room decorations, games and so much more.
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Featured Product:

Nonfiction Strategies Grades 1-3...

SKU: TCR3270
Category: Phonics, Reading & Vocabulary,

Lessons detailing how to read, write, discuss, research, remember, and listen to information from nonfiction sources give students the meaningful practice they need to master nonfiction comprehension skills. Strategies are correlated to McRel's Standards. The activities target standards in these areas: the writing process, descriptive language that clarifies and enhances ideas, research skills, graphic organizers, the reading process, text organizers such as heading and captions, listening skills.

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Featured Product:

Jigsaw Weekly Calendar Cling Wipe-Off...

SKU: T27809
Category: Wipe-Off Charts, Calendars & Accessories,

The perfect addition to any classroom, this convenient, versatile kit lets you track birthdays, projects, and special events with a unique weekly format. Durable and reusable for year-round use. Includes a black Wipe-Off® Marker and assorted cling events. Calendar is 22" x 17".

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